County Badge

There are several ways an unbadged player may qualify for her County Badge.

Points System

Points are awarded in the County Competitions to unbadged players as follows:

Team Games:

  • County last sixteen – one point,
  • Quarter-final – two points,
  • Semi-final – three points,
  • final – four points.

Singles and Two-Wood:

  • County last sixteen – two points,
  • quarter-final – four points,
  • semi-final – six points,
  • final – eight points.

Champion of Champions:

  • Winner – awarded badge,
  • Runner-up – six points,
  • Semi-finalist – three points.

Unbadged Four-Wood Singles:

  • Winner – awarded badge,
  • Runner-up – three points,
  • Semi-finalist – two points,
  • Quarter-finalists – one point.

Unbadged Pairs:

  • Winners – four points,
  • Runners-up – three points,
  • Semi-finalists – two points,
  • Quarter-finalists – one point.

Benevolent Triples:

  • Winners – three points,
  • Runners-up – two points,
  • Semi-finalists – one point.

One point for each round won at Leamington National Championships.

Players who have achieved 8 points over a maximum of 6 years will receive a full County badge at a County match during the following season.

A player who is a current International player may be offered a women’s Sussex County badge on condition that she plays in at least one County friendly match in the first year of her affiliation to Sussex.

Players must enter County/National competitions before they can be considered for a County match.

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