Womens Section Benevolent Fund

The Fund was set up in 1935, and the object of the fund is to assist all affiliated women bowlers in the County of Sussex in need of financial help, and to provide gifts for sick members.


  • 1. The fund shall be administered by a Committee comprising the following Officers of Sussex County Bowls women’s Section: – the President, who shall be the Chairperson, the Hon. Secretary, the Hon. Treasurer, and the Benevolent Fund Hon. Secretary/Treasurer, with three members to form a quorum.
  • 2.The funds shall be held by three Trustees, who shall be the Chairman, the Hon. Secretary/Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund and the Hon. Secretary of Sussex County Bowls women’s section.
  • 3. All members shall contribute the sum of 25p as part of their annual Affiliation fee.
  • 4. Recommendations for financial assistance shall be notified to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund. Not more than £150 in grant shall be paid at any one time to one person.
  • 5 It shall be the responsibility of Club Secretaries or Delegates to notify the Hon. Benevolent Secretary/Treasurer of sick members, so that arrangements can be made for a gift to be presented to that member.
  • 6. The Hon. Secretary/Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund shall present an Annual Account and Report to the members at the Annual General Meeting of Sussex County Bowls women’s section, with accounts having been certified by a Chartered or Certified accountant.
  • 7. The Benevolent Triples competition, held on one day, plus the last stages on a second day, will be administered by and managed on those days by the Competitions Secretaries of the Zone in which it is hosted.

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