Vice Patron's Officials

Vice Patron's Officials

The Assocation is appreciative of all bowlers who are Vice-Patrons as the fee of £2.00 helps considerably towards the Association's running costs.

The Area Controllers arrange for Vice-Patrons' games to be played both against Clubs within their Area and on an inter-area League basis which, it is hoped, ensures a more competitive approach.

Application forms are available within every Club and Club Secretaries are requested to send Vice-Patrons fees to the Treasurer by the 31st October each year OR those wishing to join NOW for the CURRANT season pay via their Area Controller.

All enquiries must be addressed to your controller.

Area 1 Geoff Fitch (The Parade BC) [email protected]
Area 2 Chris Sykes (Lewes BC) [email protected]
Area 3 Simon Schofield (Popes Mead BC) [email protected]
Area 4 John Whitfield (Bognor Regis BC) [email protected]

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