Pullen Cup


This is a knock out competition contested annually between the four Divisions of the County Vice Patrons . From 1992 to 2004 the winners received the Billingham Shield but from 2005 this was replaced by a cup, kindly donated by Beryl Pullen - wife of the then County President Frank Pullen - which had originally been the property of her father H G Lavender a former County Champion.


On one side the cup is inscribed “Redesignated the Pullen Cup” and on the reverse is

“H G Lavender – SBA Singles Competition Winner 1955”





From 2005 the Billingham Shield was awarded instead to the winner of the Vice Presidents (now Vice-Patrons) League competition.


Past Winners

Year Winner Controller
2005 Division 1 Ron Smith
2006 Division 1 Ron Smith
2007 Division 4 Richard Giles
2008 Division 2 Robin Powell
2009 Division 2 Robin Powell
2010 Division 4 Barry Napper
2011 Division 3 Clive Bennett
2012 Division 4 Barry Napper
2013 Division 3 Clive Bennett
2014 Division 4 Rod McBeth
2015 Division 4 Rod McBeth
2016 Division 4 Rod McBeth
2017 Division 2 Roger Day
2018 Division 4 Rod McBeth
2019 Division 4 Rod McBeth
2020 No Competiton Covid-19
2021 Division 4 Rod McBeth
2022 Division 1 Mark Bilsby
2023 Area 2 Chris Sykes
DRAW FOR 2024:
Area 2 v Area 4

Area 1 v Area 3

Semi Finals to be played on 6 Sep 2024 with the Final at an Area 4 location to be arranged and notifiedby the new area Four Controller - John Whitfield.

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