Past Presidents Fixtures 2021

Past Presidents' Fixtures 2021

Press Result for Score  
  Time Day Date Opponents Venue Rinks
  2 pm Mon 24th Popes Mead Cancelled   3T
Result 2 pm Fri 11th Seaford Seaford BC     4
  2.30 Fri 25th Crowborough Wolfe Cancelled     5
  2.30 Mon 28th Buxted Park Cancelled     6
Result 2 pm Thur 8th Rottingdean Rottingdean BC     5
  2 pm Mon 12th Kent Past Presidents Cancelled     6
Team 2 pm Thu 5th SCB Exec Rottingdean BC      6
  2 pm Sun 8th Storrington 100 Anniversary Mx Cancelled      6T
Team 2 pm Thur 12th Surrey CCPs Popes Mead BC      6
  2 pm Sun 22nd Northiam BC Cancelled      4
Result 2pm Sun 17th Eastbourne District I.B.C.   6
  Result 2pm Weds 10th Grattons I.B.C.   6
Cancelled 1pm Weds 17th Egerton Park I.B.C.   6
Result 2pm Weds 24th Sussex LadiesPP Worthing I.B.C. 5

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