Past Presidents


On the personal side I feel I have let you down as Chairman by not being at all the 2018 PP matches. Being Division 3 VP Controller meant matches on Mondays and Fridays I just could not get to, but thank you for giving me the opportunity to put this right in 2019 by re-electing me as Chairman.

Following the sudden tragic loss of our colleague Don, I would like to thank Vic Sherwood, who has taken on the Secretarial roll, Harry Payne who has come back from retirement to be Treasurer and Lew Mockett who is our new Fixture Secretary. All these positions where confirmed at our March AGM at Wealden IBC. Our thoughts go out to Janet, Steve, Emma, and the grandchildren for the enormous gap it has left in their lives.

It was a privilege to work alongside Don again having been his senior deputy in his Presidential Year of 2013. He is going to be a hard act to follow with his knowledge and professional approach. I sincerely believe that the major thing for everyone to remember, when mistakes are made, is that all the people who undertake these posts are volunteers and that the only people who do not make mistakes – are those who do nothing!! Mistakes happen, but let us not crucify people who are trying to do a voluntary job - honestly - and to the best of their ability - or we will have nobody willing to undertake these tasks in the future.

Yours sincerely

Colin Morphew

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