A Message From Your President 10/12/2020

Presidents message 10th December 2020


It is an honour and a privilege to become President of our great County. My thanks go to those of you that voted for me 2 years ago and to my club Rottingdean for supporting my application. Congratulations to Geoff Fitch for being elected Junior Vice President and to Mark Broadway on moving up to Vice President.

2020 has been a very disappointing and difficult year but I know some clubs made the best of a bad situation and managed to safely open their greens, play competitions as well as a few friendly matches against other clubs. Well done to the dedicated club members that made it happen.

One thing the presidential and executive team had looked forward to in 2020 was the resurgence of the Sussex County under 25s with the leadership of Andy (Clunky) Clarke and also the continued rise of the men’s teams under the guidance of Mark (Nobby) Strong and Rob Morphett. We will all be right behind you in 2021. The executive team have still continued to work behind the scenes and my thanks go to them for their commitment and dedication to supporting our sport in Sussex.

The thing I have missed most (and I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the team and all of you) is the players, the personalities, the camaraderie, the friends and the rivalry we share in our short season.

Now we look forward to 2021, albeit with some uncertainty, but with the prospect of a vaccine on the horizon we might be lucky enough to have a good season of both friendly and competitive bowls.

For now, please all stay safe through the winter and come back healthy and strong in 2021.

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