Indoor County & Presidential Mens Fixtures 2023

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Indoor County & Presidential Mens Fixtures 2023
Result Wed 18th 14:15 P in 2 SCB President v Wealden IBC Wealden IBC 6 R Mens TN22 2HN
Result Wed 15th 14:00 P in 3 SCB President v Worthing Pavilion IBC W Pavilion IBC 6 R Mens BN14 7EQ
Result Wed 22nd 14:15 P in 4 SCB President v Arun IBC Arun IBC 6 R Mens PO22 2TT
Team Thu 2nd 14:00 P in 6 SCB President v Langney IBC CANCELLED 6 R Mens BN23 7QH
Result Wed 8th 14:00 P in  7 SCB President v Grattons IBC Grattons IBC 5 R Mens RH10 3AG
Team Thu 16th 14:00 P in 8 SCB President v Denton Island IBC CANCELLED 5 R Mens BN9 9BA
Team Wed 22nd 14:00 P in 9 SCB President v Preston IBC CANCELLED 6 R Mens BN1 6SA
Result Sat 25th 13:00 P in 5 SCB President v Worthing IBC Worthing IBC 5 R Mens BN13 1NP
Result Sun 8th 14:00 P in 10 SCB President v Egerton IBC Egerton IBC 6 R Mens TN39 3HL
Result Wed 8th 14:00 P in 11 SCB President v Eastbourne IBC Eastbourne IBC 6 R Mens BN22 9QN
Result Wed 29th 14:00 P in 12 SCB President v SCIBA Adur IBC 6 R Mens BN42 4NT
Result Wed 6th 14:00 P in 13 SCB President v Horsham IBC Horsham IBC 6 R Mens RH12 3LZ


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