Mike Newth Trophy

2024  D Coldman Newick BC
2023 B Beeson Crowborough Wolfe BC
2022 S Felton Horsham BC
2021   Covid 19  
2020 M Boswell Bexhill BC
2019 P Jackson Eastbourne BC
2018 J Akehurst Hellingly BC
2017 D Alcock Isle of Thorns BC
2016 B Crittle Wadhurst BC
2015 D Ridley Tarring Priory BC
2014 D Brooks Uckfield BC
2013 D Bain County Secretary
2012 C Rolph W Sussex Bowls T'ing Club
2011 L Hayes Rogate BC
2010 D  Ward IsIe of Thorns BC
2009 G Taylor Worthing BC
2008 G Rudge Storrington BC
2007 R Devereux Carlton BC
2006 T Hughes Lindfield BC
2005 D M Adams Gildredge Park BC
2004 E Howick West Hoathly BC
2003 F Haynes Horsham Park BC
2002 WRG Burrows Tarring Priory BC
2001 D French Gildridge Park BC
2000 H Penfold Preston BC
1999 FJ Tippett Seaford BC
1998 WD Clements Polegrove BC
1997 S Sullivan Norfolk BC
1996 AM Probyn Henfield BC
1995 LJ Bennett Woodingdean BC
1994 SW Goss Hurstpierpoint BC
1993 C Dalton Storrington BC
1992 W Wickham Buxted Park BC
1991 G Long IsIe of Thorns BC
 1990 D Bright British Rail ( Brighton) BC  
1989 T  Spears Kemp  Town BC

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Sussex County Bowls welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to prospective members of all ages, abilities and agilities - from juniors to great-grandparents, from absolute beginners to national level players.

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