Coach Bowls Registered Coaches

COUNTY COACH & COACH BOWLS CO-ORDINATOR- GEOFF FITCH (Eastbourne BC) [email protected] Tel 01323 761101



Directory of Coach Bowls Registered Coaches


First Name Surname Email Address Tel. Primary Club Credential
Roger Hawke [email protected] 01444 881477 Cowfold Short Mat BC CB1
Elaine Sadler [email protected] 01243 602074 Crablands (Selsey) CB1
Pat Budd [email protected]   Crouch (Seaford) EBCS2
Yvonne Newbold [email protected] 01323 892587 Crouch (Seaford)  EBCS2
Michael Nolan [email protected] 01323491363 Crouch (Seaford) EBCS2
Jean   Ranger [email protected] 01323  892245 Crouch (Seaford)  EBCS2
Ivan Atkinson [email protected] 01892 610819 Crowborough Wolfe EBCS2
Robert Hope [email protected]    Deanland (Hailsham)  EBCS2
Chris Bennall [email protected] 01323 902904 Eastbourne EBCS2
Wendy Dunne [email protected] 07710 746367 Eastbourne EBCS2
Geoff Fitch [email protected] 07484 721582 Eastbourne CB2/EBCS3
Jan Furly [email protected]    Eastborne EBCS2
Paul Furly [email protected]    Eastbourne EBCS2
Phil Garrett [email protected]    Eastbourne EBCS2
Gillian Hill [email protected] 01323 761531 Eastbourne EBCS2
Kenneth Hill [email protected] 01323 761531 Eastbourne EBCS2
Mike Taylor [email protected] 07702 244855 Eastbourne EBCS2
 Ann Wells NOT ON EMAIL 01323 486046 Eastbourne EBCS2
Chris Feltham [email protected] 07843 195735 Eastbourne & Dist. IBC CB1
Denise Smith [email protected] 01825 873512 Eastbourne & Dist. IBC CB2
Peter Blanks [email protected]    East Preston & Kingston EBCS3
Frances Middleton [email protected] 01342 301673 Felbridge BC CB1
Marilyn Doust [email protected] 07941 755338 Gildridge Park (Eastbourne) CB1
Margaret Carpenter [email protected] 01424 219649 Sidley BC EBCS2
Phillip Catt [email protected] 07999 484213 Gullivers (Bexhill) EBCS2
Kris Le Brooy [email protected]     Gullivers (Bexhill) EBCS2
William Wheeler [email protected]   Hailsham EBCS2
Geoff Edler [email protected] 01825 740906  Isle of Thorns (Chelwood Gate) CB1
Margaret Winton [email protected] 01342 822951 Isle of Thorns ( Chelwood Gate) EBCS2
Chris       Sykes [email protected] 07905 039634 Lewes EBCS2
Tony Marks [email protected] 07957   288885 Maltravers (Littlehampton) CB1
Bob Budd [email protected] 07973 120100 Middleton on Sea CB1
Graham Barnard [email protected] 07864  692987 Motcombe Gardens (Eastbourne)2 EBCS2
Veronica Pickering [email protected]        Newdigate EBCS2
Reginald Raggett [email protected] 07745 372242 Norfolk BC (Littlehampton) EBCS2
Margaret Armstrong [email protected] 01273 582588 Peacehaven & Telscombe CB1
James Hale [email protected]   Portslade CB2
Alison Kennedy [email protected] 07976 312066 Portslade EBCS2
Marion Whitney [email protected]   Portslade EBCS2
Jeanne Coker [email protected] 01403 268346 Southwater CB1
Ian Coker [email protected] 01403 268346 Southwater CB1
Russell Calderwood [email protected]     Staplecross CB1
Ian Petrie [email protected]    Storrington BC CB1
Pat Petrie [email protected]    Storrington BC CB1
Judy Bangs [email protected] 01243 672975 Witterings EBCS2
Elizabeth Montgomery [email protected]    Woodingdean CB1
Ray Hall [email protected] 07850 455145 New to the area EBCS2
Mark Bilsby [email protected] 07787327904 White Rock BC      CB1


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