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Sussex County Bowls Trials.
14/05/2022 at 10:00 at Worthing Pavilion BC
Dress Code:Club or County shirt - Grey shorts or trousers.Catering will be available before and after the trial.
As you know I place a lot of confidence and faith in the trial process, and use this a tool for upcoming 2022 Balcombe, MIddleton Cup and HCL selections.
The trial will differ slightly from last year - it will be 18 ends however we will pause at 9 ends to review the rinks, to add or remove players / change rink positions.
Unless there are extenuating circumstances I expect attendance and competitive participation, and on completion of the trial there will be a meeting for selection and publication for both the first 2 HCL games:
21/05 Away v Oxfordshire
28/05 Home v Surrey.
If you are not available for either please make me aware on the day.
There will be several changes between these HCL games to enable me to look at players for the MIddleton Cup, however we expect to be competitive in all competitions.
Having won the 2021 HCL for the first time in our history we have set a benchmark and we will bid to retain the trophy at the HCL finals day later in the season.
The following players are asked to attend:

(1) Jack Fairhall (Hove & Kingsway)
(2) Shaun Mulligan (Hove & Kingsway)
(3) Ben Fairhall (Hove & Kingsway)
(4) Darren Anderson (Hove& Kingsway)

(1) David Payne (Herstmonceux)
(2) Mark Soper (Southbourne)
(3) Andy Smith (Southbourne)
(4) Antony Bull (Southbourne)   

(1) Ray Hodd (Spartan)
(2) Andy Hayward (Eastbourne)
(3) Lee Dickson (Spartan)
(4) Trevor Logan (Spartan)

(1) Michael Murphy (Popes Mead)
(2) Jono Dalton (Popes Mead)
(3) Andy Harding (Lindfield)
(4) Steve Flynn (Popes Mead)

(1) Jason Walter (Buxted Park)
(2) Vinnie Minter (Worthing Pavilion)
(3) Mick Patching (Worthing Pavilion)
(4) Alex Paine (Buxted Park)

(1) Jack Till (Gullivers)
(2) Rob Harris (Spartan)
(3) Trevor Roberts (White Rock)
(4) Alec Martin (White Rock)

(1) Martin Pelosi (Lindfield)
(2) Neil Potter (Popes Mead)
(3) Ian Ford (Crablands)
(4) Paul Chuter (Midhurst)

(1) Glen Newton (White Rock)
(2) Stuart Jellis (White Rock)
(3) Tony Clarkson (White Rock)
(4) Sean Godfrey (White Rock)

(1) Colin Davey (Worthing Pavilion)
(2) Martin Leach (Hove & Kingsway)
(3) Martin Law (Hollingbury Park)
(4) Carl Blinco (Hollingbury Park)

(1) Jamie Dunk (Worthing Pavilion)
(2) Paul Ward (Worthing Pavilion)
(3) John Frew (Worthing Pavilion)
(4) Garry Olver (Worthing Pavilion)

(1) Paul Stanford (Lindfield)
(2) Ryan Midwinter (Sidley Martlets)
(3) Keith Holman (Lindfield)
(4) Nigel Hooper (Sidley Martlets)

(1) Stuart Schwartz (Tarring Priory)
(2) Stuart Logan (Tarring Priory)
(3) Paul Burnett (Southwick)
(4) Richard Matton (Worthing)

(1) Jack Carline (Maltravers)
(2) Kieran Jay (Polegrove)
(3) Chris Champion (West Hoathly)
(4) Tony Sayers (Chichester)

(1) Dave Richardson (Barcombe)
(2) Simon Perry (Eastbourne)
(3) Jason Horwood (Easrbourne)
(4) Adrian Wainwright (Eastbourne)

I look forward to catching up with you all on the 14th.

Mark, Rob Ray

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