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Hi Everyone 
We are coming to the end of the outdoor season with many Clubs having a reduced
membership and many matches being cancelled.
I’m pleased to say that the membership ot Disability Bowls England is increasing and
will be looking for Clubs in the South East to host outdoor matches .
If your Club is interested in hosting a match against DBE please contact Mo Monkton on[email protected].org.uk or [email protected]
I would like to thank the members of Padlock Wood BC Kent for giving the DBE a very
warm welcome on an extremely hot day in July. This was the first outdoor match in the
South East for a long time but I understand that  DBE have already arranged a number
of matches in Sussex for next year, which  mean less travelling for members to play a match
The DBE single and pairs finals were  included in the National Finals at Lymington Spa also
thirty two DBE members from all over the country came and played in the North and South
Challenge Match . I’m pleased to say that the South won the match. Playing for the South
were four Sussex players, they were Jennie Sanford ( Linfield BC ), Paul Baker ( Worthing BC ),
Steve Ireland ( Crouch BC ) and BoB Henstridge ( Vicarage BC / Peacehaven BC ) .
Through out the season trials have been taking place for next years Commonwealth Games
which will take place at Lynington Spa. The team will be announced at the end of the year.
At the moment I believe that Jennie Sanford and Steve Ireland from Sussex are still in the trials,
I would like to wish them both all the best of luck.
You can see why it is so important that Clubs support and encourage  disability players to
join Disability Bowls England not only to play Club friendlies , DBE competitions and the
possibility to play for their Country.
BoB Henstridge

DBE Sussex Ambassador

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