Good Morning All
I will once again at the end of July/beginning of August, be sending out the annual ‘mailshot return’ with various documents for completion and return by 15th October.
However, I have already been made aware that the incumbents of certain posts will not be seeking re-election, so I am sending you advance information of posts - that we will be seeking nominations for.
a) Nominations are required for the post of Junior Vice President.
b) As you are aware the six senior Officers are appointed to serve for a three year period, and both the Hon. Treasurer (John Abbott - Bexhill BC) and the Hon. Match Secretary (Roger Dear- Pagham BC) posts are up for re-election this year, as they have served their 3 years appointment term. Both these posts are therefore open for nominations and the Hon. Treasurer has sadly indicated that he will not be standing for re-election after 10 years in post.
c) The GPC Representative for Division Three (Mike Bright - Horsham BC) has also indicated that he will not be standing for re-election as has the Division Four Assistant Competition Secretary (David Bain - Storrington BC) - who kindly stepped in to fill a vacancy for 2020 - so nominations are also required for these two posts.
d) I have written to every current incumbent of posts that are appointed at the AGM or by the GPC Committee and currently I have not received replies from several current incumbents - so there may well be other posts open for nomination when I send out the paperwork at the end of the month.
Any nomination that are received prior to me sending out the annual mailshot, will be included on the Form F3B - and I am able to inform you that I have already been asked for information concerning posts detailed under a)and b) above, but there are currently no nominations for the Div 3 GPC Rep. or the Div 4 Asst. Comp. Sec. so please give especial consideration to these two posts.
Thank you.
Stay safe.
Yours in Sport
Rod McBeth

Hon. Secretary - Sussex County Bowls - Men’s Section

County Administrator for 2020

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