Officers & Appointments

Officers 2020

R (Roger) Day (Isle of Thorns BC)
Tel:01342 300189
Vice President
R (Bob) Markham (Rottingdean  BC)
Tel: 01273 303384
Junior Vice President
M (Mark) Broadway (Newick BC)
Tel: 01444 215197
Immediate Past President
G (Gordon) Leaman (East Preston & Kingston BC)
Tel: 01903 856165
A (Tony) Sharman (Mackie BC)
Tel.01273 417791
Hon. Secretary
R (Rod) McBeth (Worthing BC)
Tel.01903 879870

Hon. Treasurer
L (Lindsay) Bangs (Witterings BC)
Tel: 01243 672975

Hon. Assistant Secretary
L (Lindsay) Bangs (Witterings BC)
Tel: 01243 672975
Hon. Match Secretary
R (Roger) Dear (Pagham BC)
Tel: 01243 821203
Hon. Competition Secretary
R (Robin) Llewellyn-Powell (Peacehaven BC)
Tel. 01273 734009
Div. Comp. Secretary Div. 1
S (Simon) Moore (White Rock BC)
Tel: 07780 913183
Div. Comp. Secretary Div. 2
L (Len) Ashby (Preston BC)
Tel: 01825 762255
Div. Comp. Secretary Div. 3
K (Ken) Staton (The Drive BC)
Tel: 01273 735400
Div. Comp. Secretary Div. 4
D (David) Bain (Storrington BC)
Tel: 01903 742526 (H)
Appointments 2020  
Middleton Cup & HC League Manager
M (Mark) Strong (Worthing Pavilion BC)
Tel: 01273 278251
Asst. Middleton Cup & HC League Manager
R (Rob) Morphett (Spartan & Lakeside BC)
Tel: 01424 733041
Under 25's Manager
A (Andy) Clarke (Worthing Pavilion BC)
Tel: 07594 673365
Hon Chaplain

Hon. Accounts Examiner
D (David) Bizat (St Johns (Meads) BC)
Tel: 01323 733398
Safeguarding Officer
J (John) Bishop (Bexhill BC)
Tel: 01424 846196
Hon. Coach
G (Geoff) Fitch (Eastbourne BC)
Tel: 01323 761101
Benevolent Fund Secretary & Treasurer
A (Tony) Sharman (Mackie BC)
Tel: 01273 417791
Vice Patron Controller Division 1
M (Mark) Bilsby (White Rock BC)
Tel: 07787 327904
Vice Patron Controller Division 2
C (Chris) Sykes (Lewes BC)
Tel: 07905 039634
Vice Patron Controller Division 3
B(Brian) Goatman (Hurstpierpoint BC)
Tel: 01444 211032
Vice Patron Controller Division 4
R (Rod) McBeth (Worthing BC)
Tel: 01903 879870
D (David) Page (Shoreham BC)
Tel: 07547 544140

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