A Message From Your President

Having started my presidential year last December full of enthusiasm, anticipation and excitement, I am really disappointed and saddened by the current crisis we all find ourselves in.

Like you all, I was so looking forward to getting outdoors to start playing and to meet as many members as possible during my year and enjoying the sport we all love so much

Lets hope the current situation will be under control in the not too distant future to enable us to get some bowling in before the end of the summer.

Please stay safe and follow the guidelines announced, to minimize the spread of the virus and prevent hospitalisations and suffering.

I would like to give a special thanks to Mens Sussex County Bowls Honorary Secretary, Rod McBeth and all our Club Secretaries and all other volunteers who are putting a great deal of effort into keeping all our members informed and having things in place to ensure a smooth re start when we get back to normal. It is so important to preserve our Clubs, greens and organization for the future.

Roger Day

President 2020




It is a great honour for me to be appointed President of Sussex County Bowls (Men's Section).

I would like to give a special thanks to Gordon Leaman and John Kinnard and all other officers and members of SCB for all the help and guidance they have given me in my journey to becoming President.

I would like to thank my Club, The Isle of Thorns, for putting my name forward for President and their ongoing support.

As a member of the Presidential team, I shall be passing through but the stability and development of the County is in the hands of the volunteers who sit on the General Purposes Committee and the numerous appointed offices that you are all aware of.

I would like to give a special thanks to all these people who devote their time and energy to help run our sport.

I would like to say a special thanks to Ken Woodcock who has been our Chairman for the last 4 years and is now retiring from the role.  Ken has worked tirelessly for the County and the Sport of bowls generally through difficult periods and I admire his perseverance and commitment.  Please join me in expressing our thanks to Ken.

You are all aware I trust, of the Sussex County Bowls Development initiative, which has been formed to assist, help and guide clubs in recruitment and retention of members.  Please keep an eye on the County website for news and information.

I would like to say a special thank you to the Home Counties League, Middleton Cup and Balcomb Cup squad for the success they have achieved, and team spirit they have engendered.  This has produced a squad of guys that all Counties will aspire to beat.  They provide inspiration for all in our County.

My chosen charity this year is the Chestnut Tree House Children's hospice.

Chestnut Tree House is a registered charity based in Sussex.  They first opened their doors in 2003.  Today, they currently care for 300 life-limited children.

I hope you support this wonderful charity.

May I wish you all success in your Club and County competitions and a thoroughly enjoyable season in 2020

Roger Day

President 2020

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