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As I have previously notified, Bowls England have indicated that they will, as time permits, be refunding to the Counties - for return to the Clubs - for return to the members - all Competition Entry Fees paid and the £5.00 Affiliation Fee paid by the County through to Bowls England for every registered player. Bowls England are able to do this as their finances are strong, so even though they will still have considerable expenses to pay, they can afford to take a loss this year.

Unfortunately, as all clubs were made well aware of last year, the finances of this County are not so strong and again as you are all aware we were obliged to increase our fees last year in order to stop losses that were being incurred each year. Like Bowls England, despite their being no bowls scheduled and no matches being played, the County still has considerable expenses to pay throughout the year - but unlike Bowls England this County cannot afford to suffer a considerable loss of money.
The £4.00 Affiliation Fee paid to the County by each members is to enable the County to be administered and expenses paid during the season. Despite no bowls being played, there is still administration taking place and there are still expenses to be paid. Having reviewed the situation and having taken into account the anticipated expenses this year, they are considered to be about half of what they are in a normal year.
With that knowledge in mind, The General Purpose Committees of both the Men’s and the Women's Section, gave serious consideration to this matter and have agreed that we do not require - and it would be unfair - to retain the entire £4.00 from each member, but that we do need to retain a proportion to cover costs. They have both therefore agreed, that as the anticipated expenses this year are expected to be about half, we only require to retain half of the Affiliation Fee and therefore half of the Affiliation Fee - a sum of £2.00 per member, will be refunded to the clubs.
Not an ideal situation, as nothing is at the moment, but I trust all can see that the County still needs to operate during these unfortunate times and that a small sum of £2.00 is surely not too much of a burden on any player.
Please stay safe and follow Government guidelines.
The contents of this email has been agreed by the GPC of both the Men’s and the Women’s Sections and is issued as a joint letter from both myself and Kathy Flood, Secretary of the Women’s Section.
Thank you.
Yours in Sport

Rod McBeth

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