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How do I start?

Bowls is a game for people of all ages and abilities providing rewarding benefits:

• Relaxed sport
• Social
• Light exercise

Many people having seen bowls competitions on the TV, or maybe having stopped
to watch a game in progress in their local park have at some time thought 'I wouldn't
mind giving that a try.'

Probably the number one reason you haven't tried bowls yet is that it is considered
by those not involved in the game to be a sport for the older generation. Here in
Sussex people of all ages participate in the game from those as young as 11 years
right up to those well into their nineties

The next reason is that people decide they wouldn't be any good at the game. How
do you know if you don’t give yourself the chance to try?

When you finally decide to give the game a try, your first call should be to your local
Bowls Club. Nearly all Sussex clubs hold regular open mornings or free taster
sessions usually at the weekends. All you have to do is turn up wearing a pair of
trainers. Bowls are provided. All clubs welcome potential new members, and they
will be very pleased to hear from you. They will arrange for you to meet the club
coach or experienced bowlers who will be volunteers and have experience-coaching
newcomers to the game. They will show you the basics and before you long you will
enjoy your new pastime.
If you do enjoy the coaching session or sessions the next step is joining the club.
Many clubs have introductory membership offers.
This will enable you to go for roll ups. These are sessions when you can practice on
your own or with friends or other club members, you make the decision as to when
you go for these, most greens being available for roll ups at times to suit members.

When you are ready to try a competitive game there are many friendly games
arranged against other local Clubs, in these games you will find many like yourself
who have only recently joined the sport, so no one will expect you to perform like a
professional, they will just expect you to enjoy the game.

After all that's what the game of bowls is all about, enjoying yourself.

Do not delay the decision – many have said “ I wish I had taken up this hobby

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