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Firstly, I want to say what a great honour it is to become the President for Sussex County Bowls and I would like to thank my club, Arundel for proposing me, and to all my friends at Arundel and Eastbourne who encouraged me to take on the role. I have however, become President a year ahead of time, having sadly lost Dave Ogley earlier this year. Iím sure you will agree that we sorely miss his skill, knowledge and most of all his friendship.

I also wish to pay tribute to the dedicated group of officers who head Sussex County Bowls, their help and guidance is invaluable.

I like to see us going forward with the new members in the team, showing our clubs, we can change the way we achieve.

I have always thought that being in this great game we meet and see people on a level plain. Whatever skills we have in the game, we all win and lose some. However, some win a lot more than others, these bowlers go on to the county and national finals, and play for the county in the Middleton cup.

I would like to congratulate all the players who took part in all national and county competitionís this past year. I was so proud to be at Leamington spa to see the effort and   commitment from all the Sussex players from Sussex county bowls in the finals. Well done all.

I have been very lucky to haveplayed with a lot of excellent bowlers who have given me so much help and advice whilst playing with them. This has undoubtedly helped to improve my game immensely. I say to you all, never be worried about asking advice from a club coach or county coach or the top bowlers in your club. Ask for a game againstthem, no matter your skill level. Iím quite sure they would be only too pleased to help you out.

There are so many bowlers out there with huge potential that we never get to see. So, I urge you all to encourage them come out of the shadows to show us what they can do.

I have observed this year that across all levels of the games I have watched, we are not looking after ourselves on the greens. We often forget to take on water, so our concentration levels drop. If your club doesnít provide water at the end of a rink. Ask them to. And remember take a water bottle along to the green. Unless we are hydrated we cannot play at our best.

I am backing my call to drink more, by providing water bottles to the under 25 players and Middleton cup team and as top rink prizes at some of my county friendly games.

Recruitment of new players is the key to the survival of our game. We need to expand our view on the way we   get people in the door of our clubs. 

We all need that little push to achieve and we need to open the doors to more social events which in turn will bring new members in to your club. I understand the opposition to change, I hear we are a bowling club not a social club, it is a call we hear all the time. However, if this great game is to grow we must move ahead and show local councils that we can help the community come together under the roof of bowling clubs.  Eastbourne bowling club took a short mat to an age concern fair, at which there were agencies from all parts of the community concerned with the over fifty-fives. The club recruited 30 new bowlers from that one event. The Royal Sovereign bowls club took along a stand with posters and cups and medals display at the same fair and got 8 new members. This highlighted to me the importance of interacting with people on the short mat with the tools of our game. If the opportunity comes your way, why not get a short mat into community group venues. Get talking to your ward councillors, their job is to help us with advice and they have a small pot of money to help community projects. Letís get into the town centres and talk to the locals about the benefits of bowling. Letís get talking to community groups. We are the games future. Letís make our great game grow.                              

The charity I have chosen for 2018 is The MacMillan Cancer Support who work tirelessly helping and supporting sufferers of this disease and their families.

I look forward to meeting as many people as I can over the next year and please keep the county informed via your club delegate of any problems that may affect your club.

I wish you all good luck in the coming season in all club county and national county competitions We go forward as a team.

 John Kinnard - President 2018


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