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S U S S E X    C O U N T Y    B O W L S   (Women's section)
JOHNS TROPHY Round 2 - SUSSEX v. OXFORDSHIRE on Saturday 22nd  June 2019 at Suttons B.C, Lower Early, Reading RG6 5HQ commencing at 1.30
Travel by coach - Pick-up points: Treacle Mine, Polegate 9.25 (you must register your car number in the pub), Brighton - Woodbourne garage, Hollingbury 10.00, Horsham Park & Ride A24 10.45
     DRESS: White or cream regulation skirts, tailored trousers, or tailored cut-off trousers.
White shorts allowed but must bear the Bowls England logo.
 County shirt, pale blue fleece waistcoats or jackets, white shoes,  County jacket.
For rainwear - white waterproofs or dark blue jacket (which may also be worn in cold weather) 
Match fee for players:  14  including meal after the match
  Any medical dietary requirements, including cheese & biscuits instead of a dessert,  must be notified to Sec. Kathy at least one week before the match. NO changes on the day.
Players, Reserves and Officers, please confirm your availability immediately to Kathy Flood, tel 01273 517683  or email  and state your coach pick-up point.
S. Taylor Eastbourne J. Sandford Lindfield M. Ramsay Polegrove
B. Collins Chichester S. Walter Buxted Park D. De Silva The Drive
C. Bowles Crablands S. Jones Crablands L. Gray Southwick Park
L. Kuhler   Worthing Pav. P. Escott Ringmer D. Hodd Polegrove
C. Hobbs Chichester D. Hogg Chichester P. Tottman East Preston
D. Latter Chichester S. Pratt  Worthing Pavilion C. Watson Lindfield
G. Hill Eastbourne B. Spicer Chichester S. Willmott Lindfield
B. Davies Hurstpierpoint R. Mackriell Polegrove A. Truran S. Francis
Reserves to travel:  K. Green, Hurstpierpoint & K. Felts, Henfield
Reserve on call:  J. Goodman, Hurstpierpoint 
Team selected by: Selectors -  Wendy Davies, Gill Hill, Carol Bowles, Tricia Fry.
Please note that this selection is for this game only
Manager:  Wendy Davies         Administrator:  Kathy Flood
Please note - As the Johns Trophy is played in  'round robin'  format, a Sussex Johns Trophy 'flash' will be awarded to players who play in the Johns for Sussex over three years, not three matches
Supporters very welcome. Book your seat on the coach through Sec. Kathy, cost 5. Meals available after the match (please also book with Kathy) or bring your own.

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