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(Formerly Sussex County Bowling Association [founded 1909] & Sussex County Women's Bowling Association [founded 1931)

Member of Bowls England and Home Counties Bowls Association

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Delegates to Bowls England  - Ken Woodcock (Men) Kathy Flood (Women)

Bowls England Administrator for Sussex, Men and Women - Kathy Flood

PRESS for Timings for Australian Visit

PRESS for upcoming Coach Bowls courses including coaching and safeguarding. This week’s course availability

PRESS for England team versus Australia 30th June
PRESS for England team versus Australia 1st & 2nd July
PRESS  for Bowls England new Sponsors Notice
Bowls England Extends Eligibility Criteria for Coaching Bursaries
PRESS for FAQs - PRESS for Bursaries Application Form
Bowls England General Data Protection Regulation - Sport & Recreation Alliance Club Resource Pack
PRESS for GDPR Compliance Questionnaire - PRESS for Clubs Standard Employee Data Privacy Notice - PRESS for Clubs Standard Volunteer Privacy Notice
PRESS  for Bowls England 'Women Can' campaign
PRESS the link for Bowls England April edition of Inside Bowls.
PRESS for Upcoming Coach Bowls and Safeguarding Bowls courses

PRESS for an advertisement for Disability Bowls England that is trying to open opportunities for all people to enjoy the sport of bowls. Some clubs worry about the tag "disability" but forget that many of their members already fall into that category with problems such a bad back, knee or hip surgery, stroke etc. They are trying to encourage people with any disability, including learning to try the sport and ask if your county can help by promoting our "Try Bowls" campaign.

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